Friday, July 25, 2014

High Five For the Most Random Week.

Y'all. This has been such a great week! I'm excited to share it with you.

At the end of this post, you'll probably be thinking "Wow, Kayla sure is easily amused." Which is true. I am a simple person. It doesn't take much to keep me happy.

I'm just gonna jump right into it.

 photo H54Fbutton_zps973d26e1.png

1. First things first, I got my laptop back. Joey, Jr. was greatly missed during his absence.

By the way, his name is Joey, Jr. because my first laptop was named Joey. I don't know why but I thought that was a great laptop name. And when I got my Macbook, I still thought it was a great laptop name, hence Joey, Jr. My next laptop will more than likely be Joey III.

2. Have I told you guys about my new obsession with nail art? I'm obsessed with nail art now. I created a new Pinterest board specifically for nails and have been following all the nail polish brands on Instagram for inspiration. Here are some of my latest dabbles:

Simply and sparkly.

A vibrant glitter gradient.

Polka dots. I majorly messed up on this one, but just pretend it's perfect.

Also, CVS has discovered my new love for nail polish and keeps giving me Sally Hansen coupons when I go in. And I obviously have to use them. So my nail polish collection (which was never really small) is rapidly growing.

3. On that same note, I have discovered the world of Sally Beauty. There's one right across the street from my local CVS and I had always wondered about it but never went in. Until yesterday. I'm not sure if it's the best or worst thing that's ever happened to me. I'm going to go with best (but probably worst for my wallet).

4. The other day I learned that my favorite Backstreet Boy, Brian Littrell, is a Christian. He even came out with a whole Christian album. And get this: he has a cover of In Christ Alone that is ON A CD THAT I OWN. 

 I also confirmed my suspicions that the members of one of my favorite bands, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, are Christians as well.

My mind has been blown. My world has been changed. And my week has been made. (See? Easily amused.)

5. Last weekend, some friends and I went swimming for the very first time all summer long! And it was perhaps the coldest day of the summer. It was overcast and a tad windy. The water was pretty cold but who cares. We had fun!

The best word to describe my week is probably "wonderfully random." Which is two words. But whatever.

How was your week? (I'm asking as a courtesy. Obviously it can't get better than finding out your BSB crush loves Jesus.)

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Happy Friday!


  1. Looove your nails! You're doing pretty good girl!

    PS: I'm also a biiig BSB fan since 18 years now! And they get better and better with age!

    1. Thank you! And that's so true. I was really young when they were big so I'm a little late to the party, but lately I can't stop listening to them! Their most recent stuff is my favorite!