The Girl

Hi! My name is Kayla, and that's me up there.

Here's some information about me that you might want to know. Or not. Either way, it's here.

Age: 22.
DOB: September 25, 1993.
Middle name: Rose.
Favorite color: Purple!
Favorite animal: Dolphins first, firefoxes second, all the other animals third.
Favorite flower: Daisies, because they are just so happy.
Favorite ice cream flavor: Chocolate chip cookie dough.
Hobbies: Baking, decorating cakes, singing, writing, stalking people on the internet, and binge-watching Netflix.
Favorite TV show: This is an impossible question.
Dream job: Elementary school teacher.
Dream car: Silver convertible Porsche.
Favorite music genre: Probably country, but I like a little bit of everything.
Hidden talents: Fitting my entire fist in my mouth. Cutting onions without crying. Watching an entire season of a TV series in one day. Finding people on Facebook with very limited information.

 Anything else you want to know? You can contact me using the social media buttons on the left, or just leave a comment on any post. If you're really nosy, you can check out my old blog here. There are lots of random details about my life hidden around there.


  1. KAYLA! L O V E your new bloggy design!! It's sooo perfect.

    1. Thanks so much girl! Glad you stopped by! :)