Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Welcome 2015.

One year ago, just after the clock struck 12 and we welcomed the new year, I made the bold prediction that 2014 was going to be a great year. I just knew it.

Ringing in 2014.

I was right.

2014 was wonderful for many reasons. This year was full of new opportunities, new relationships, chances to trust in God, and answered prayers. It was also full of challenges, hardships, disappointments, and even some tears. It wasn't a perfect year, but in my opinion, it was the best.

Every year has trials. But if you can come out stronger on the other end of them, it's a win. I had some very low points this year, but I'm a much better person because of them. I learned not to take anything for granted. I learned that God has my back no matter what. And I'm starting to learn (though I'm not quite there yet) that I shouldn't let what other people think of me dictate what I think of myself. 

Monday, December 29, 2014

Hey, Look! I'm Blogging!

So it's been waaayyyy more than 7 weeks. Oops.

Since it has been practically an eternity since my last post, I'm going to attempt to do a giant catch-up post recapping the last...what, 50 weeks or something? (12. It's been 12.)

A lot has happened since my last post, and before I dive back into posting regularly, I really want to fill in all the gaps. You know, for context. And because some awesome things have been happening lately and I want y'all to think I'm cool.

Yes, you heard right! I am going to [attempt] to start posting regularly again! And by regularly I mean once a week. And I also mean that there may be a week (or two, or six) where I don't get around to it. But I'm reallllyyyy going to try because I miss it.

Speaking of missing things, here's all the fabulous (just go with it) details of my life that you may have missed in the last 12 weeks: