Saturday, August 16, 2014

High Five for Saturday: Because Friday Was Too Mainstream.

I never got around to posting this yesterday, so I thought about just skipping it this week. But then I remembered how awesome this week was, and it needed to be shared. So I'm switching things up, breaking all the rules, and posting on Saturday! (I know, I'm a rebel).

Not that my posting was that regular anyway (I'll get there eventually, I promise), but it's definitely going to be pretty sporadic the next couple of weeks as I prepare for school. Just a heads up. 

This week was a week of change for me. I left my job of four years and I started training for my new teaching job. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed since school starts in a week and I was a last minute hire and I've got a lot to do. But my new coworkers are so helpful so I know it will all work out.

I also crossed two things off my bucket list this week! Details below.

Here are some of my favorite moments from the week:

Thursday, August 14, 2014

God Blew My Mind.

A week ago today, discouraged and broken, I told God I was ready for Him to blow my mind.

And blow it He did.

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that yesterday I was hired as a kindergarten teacher at a local elementary school.

I edited this photo to make myself look tanner because I blended in with the whiteboard.

But let me start from the beginning.

Friday, August 8, 2014

High Five for the Past Two Fridays.

Since I missed last week, this post will cover the last two weeks. So long as I can remember what happened last week. I might not.

I mentioned before that the last couple weeks have been really crazy for me. The short version is that I've been really focusing on trying to find a teaching job, now that school starts in like two weeks. I'm still looking, so I would appreciate prayers for that.

Last Sunday my car wouldn't start after I had just paid a bunch of money to get the alternator replaced. We took it back in a few days later and they discovered that the alternator had gone bad, so they replaced it again. And then the next morning my car wouldn't start. And we took it back in and I had gotten another bad alternator. So they replaced it AGAIN and then the next morning my car wouldn't start.

It was getting old.

We were going to go get the battery checked, because we knew it wasn't the alternator that time. But then we charged up the battery and so far it's been fine. So hopefully the problem is fixed now.

Anyway! On to the highlights:

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Return of Tumultuous Tuesday.

Okay. FIRSTLY, I sincerely apologize for my absence the last week and a half. It's been really crazy, but I'll explain that another time.

SECONDLY, this post has nothing to do with my typical Wednesday theme. It really should go on Tuesday, but I don't want to wait a week to post it. It happened on a Tuesday (yesterday), so that counts.

If you read my old blog, Uncharted, then you know that Tuesday is by far my least favorite day because nothing good ever happens. There are endless stories about Tuesdays over there.

Strangely enough, since I began Wonderfully Made, Tuesdays have been really normal. Actually, in general nothing really out of the ordinary has happened to me lately which, again, is really strange. And also the reason I've been lacking in blog content.

But yesterday. Oh yesterday. Yesterday was definitely a Tuesday as I know Tuesdays to be.

If it keeps up, Tumultuous Tuesday may have to replace Enchilada Tuesday...

Anyway, here's what happened.