Friday, August 8, 2014

High Five for the Past Two Fridays.

Since I missed last week, this post will cover the last two weeks. So long as I can remember what happened last week. I might not.

I mentioned before that the last couple weeks have been really crazy for me. The short version is that I've been really focusing on trying to find a teaching job, now that school starts in like two weeks. I'm still looking, so I would appreciate prayers for that.

Last Sunday my car wouldn't start after I had just paid a bunch of money to get the alternator replaced. We took it back in a few days later and they discovered that the alternator had gone bad, so they replaced it again. And then the next morning my car wouldn't start. And we took it back in and I had gotten another bad alternator. So they replaced it AGAIN and then the next morning my car wouldn't start.

It was getting old.

We were going to go get the battery checked, because we knew it wasn't the alternator that time. But then we charged up the battery and so far it's been fine. So hopefully the problem is fixed now.

Anyway! On to the highlights:

1. What happens when you work in an office full of girls and you find out it's National Lipstick Day? You put on the brightest lipstick you can find and take a picture.

2. Of course, I'm still painting my nails constantly. Here are my latest creations:

I am just LOVING this new color.

 First attempt at striping tape!

Newspaper nails! Warning: These cannot be done with a magazine. Only newspaper.

3. The last two Sundays I saw movies with my friends. Two weeks ago we saw Lucy, which was weird. I didn't really like it. This past Sunday we saw Guardians of the Galaxy which I really enjoyed. It was very entertaining and the main character is adorable. ;)

4. Sunday night after I got home from seeing Guardians, I turned on the TV and 27 Dresses (one of my favorite movies in the whole entire world) had just started and it made me super happy.

5. Yesterday I got to spend some time downtown with my parents. I love downtown Fort Worth. It's perfect.

6. AND a special bonus moment, since it HAS been two weeks: I already wrote about this, but I went to a concert on Tuesday with some friends. It was a lot of fun, despite all the craziness. It was my first real concert (I've been to a few Six Flags concerts and church concerts), and it was definitely a memorable experience!

Before the concert...

After it started raining...
 My sad attempt at taking a picture of the concert...

And that's what I've been up to lately! What about you?

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