Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Return of Tumultuous Tuesday.

Okay. FIRSTLY, I sincerely apologize for my absence the last week and a half. It's been really crazy, but I'll explain that another time.

SECONDLY, this post has nothing to do with my typical Wednesday theme. It really should go on Tuesday, but I don't want to wait a week to post it. It happened on a Tuesday (yesterday), so that counts.

If you read my old blog, Uncharted, then you know that Tuesday is by far my least favorite day because nothing good ever happens. There are endless stories about Tuesdays over there.

Strangely enough, since I began Wonderfully Made, Tuesdays have been really normal. Actually, in general nothing really out of the ordinary has happened to me lately which, again, is really strange. And also the reason I've been lacking in blog content.

But yesterday. Oh yesterday. Yesterday was definitely a Tuesday as I know Tuesdays to be.

If it keeps up, Tumultuous Tuesday may have to replace Enchilada Tuesday...

Anyway, here's what happened.

It started out normal. You know, work and stuff. And then after work I was supposed to head out Dallas with a group of friends for a Paramore/Fall Out Boy concert.

Our group was about 13 people, but I rode out there with a group of 5 who went earlier to save a patch of grass.

4 of us went together to go pick up the 5th member of our group, but when we got there, we did a car switch. The friend we were picking up drove us in his car, and the friend who had driven us there left his car parked on the street in the neighborhood.

And to Dallas we went.

We waited in a long line in the blazing hot sun, but about 45 minutes later we were in and had settled down on a nice patch of grass in the front. (While in line, we learned that Paramore had canceled due to Hayley being sick, so only Fall Out Boy and the opening band, New Politics, were playing. That was fine with me -- shorter concert and I was mostly there for FOB anyway.) I had brought my favorite quilt that my mom handmade for me for some of us to sit on. The rest of our group found us, the sun was behind a cloud, the breeze was light, and all was well.

Until the sky went dark, the clouds took over and the rain began to fall.

And then the rain began to pour.

And everyone started putting their personal belongings in my purse, which was under my now-soaked homemade blanket.

They started letting people come up under the covering (where the important people with more expensive tickets were). Some of our group stayed behind in the rain, but I went under the covering since I was now responsible for everyone's phones and wallets.

 One by one, the rest of the group went back out into the rain, but again, I and one other girl had everyone's stuff, so we stayed behind.

We ended up getting a plastic poncho they were selling to cover up all our stuff, so we could go back out with our friends in the rain. And literally 2 minutes after we went to all that trouble, they made everyone on the lawn go under the covering because there was lightning.

And then, the power went out in the middle of New Politics' set.

This is when I realized how truly terrified I am of thunderstorms. I'm totally fine with them when I'm safe inside my house, but I do NOT like being out in them. Mostly because I'm scared of being struck by lightning. But it was really, truly terrifying.

They got the power back on about 20 minutes later, and the rain stopped and we were able to go back out on the lawn and enjoy the concert which thank goodness was awesome because for a while there, it almost wasn't worth it.

Most of our group. Soaking wet, of course.

And everything was fine until we got back to our friend's house to pick up our other friend's car...and his car wasn't there.

Yeah. It was just gone.

Which meant that the three of us who did not live in the house we were at (one of our group had gone back home with another group) had no way to get home.

So, obviously, our poor friend who was already at his house but unfortunately was the only one with a car had to drive the three of us to the other side of town to our houses.

As it turns out, leaving your car parked on the street in front of a house for three hours qualifies it as "abandoned" and is subject to towing? I don't know, but that's what happened. He has his car back now, thankfully.

So I got home right before midnight but then I had to take a shower thanks to the rain, so I didn't go to bed until around 12:30. Which makes me extremely grateful Paramore canceled...that would have added another hour probably.

But the worst part of it all?

I had just done my nails all cute Monday night...

They're newspaper print!

And thanks to the rain (and the shower I was forced to take because of the rain), they are now chipped.


And that's the story of my Tuesday night.

On the bright side, it was definitely unforgettable. ;)

What did you do last night?

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  1. Oh, you know, about the same. ... Less fingernail polish and less sleep, but all in all, pretty similar.