Monday, December 29, 2014

Hey, Look! I'm Blogging!

So it's been waaayyyy more than 7 weeks. Oops.

Since it has been practically an eternity since my last post, I'm going to attempt to do a giant catch-up post recapping the last...what, 50 weeks or something? (12. It's been 12.)

A lot has happened since my last post, and before I dive back into posting regularly, I really want to fill in all the gaps. You know, for context. And because some awesome things have been happening lately and I want y'all to think I'm cool.

Yes, you heard right! I am going to [attempt] to start posting regularly again! And by regularly I mean once a week. And I also mean that there may be a week (or two, or six) where I don't get around to it. But I'm reallllyyyy going to try because I miss it.

Speaking of missing things, here's all the fabulous (just go with it) details of my life that you may have missed in the last 12 weeks:

1. I turned 21!
This called for an entire weekend celebration.

Thursday, after a very eventful day of work, I went out to dinner with my parents and grandparents after a brief stop at my best friend's house because she had a gift for me and I wanted to open it, dang it.

I didn't do any birthday celebrating Friday, but I went to my high school's homecoming game which was pretty fun!

Saturday, my parents and I went to the Cheesecake Factory for, well, cheesecake. And while we were there we just went ahead and ate lunch, too. 
I may be a repeat offender, but this raspberry lemon cheesecake is just so good I had to order it again.

Then on Sunday, I got a group of 15 of my closest friends together and we went out to eat at one of my favorite restaurants. It was a lot of fun getting to celebrate my birthday with all of the people I love (family and friends). 

Also, my parents got me a printer and laminator and these were the best gifts ever. I am absolutely a teacher.

2.  I finally bit the bullet and got my hair highlighted.

Ever since I was little, my life goal has been to go blonde. I don't know why. I think it's because growing up, the pretty, popular girls on TV were always blonde and the lame, nerdy girls were brunettes and I was convinced brown hair was ugly.

I don't still feel that way. I actually love dark hair. But I have still always wanted to color my hair but been way too afraid to. But now that I have an amazing hairdresser who I would trust my life with (and let's face it, hair and life are pretty much the same thing), I thought I'd go for it. I basically went in and said "I want highlights. I don't know what color. Work your magic." And she worked her magic and it was perfect.

So then I went back a few days ago and got MORE. I don't have a picture, but just know it looks great.

3. Teaching update: My first semester went by SO FAST but oh my gosh how has it only been one semester?

I can't believe I survived a semester. I can't believe I still have a whole semester left. I can't believe my break is almost over. After two weeks of sleeping in and doing literally nothing, I'm not sure I remember how to teach.

Also, I miss my kids. I hope they are enjoying their break!

4. Thanksgiving was awesome. 

Except for that Cowboys game...

5. Christmas was awesome.

If you know me at all then you know I love Christmas. Decorations, Christmas music, cookie baking, gift giving, time with family, great food, and Hallmark Christmas movies all day long??? YES PLEASE.

So naturally I always think Christmas is awesome. This Christmas was no different.

Oh, and I made Black Forest cake!

6. My grandma turned 80. (Also these are not at all in chronological order. I just realized that.)

Our whole family was in town to celebrate and it was the first time in, I think 5 years that we've all been together in the same state, let alone the same room. My favorite part of the weekend was when my mom, aunt, cousin, and I started flipping through old photo albums. We made fun of the 70's fashion and listened to old stories from my mom's and aunts' childhoods.

7. Currently I am watching 27 Dresses for probably the 27th time.

I can't help it. I just love it so much.

8. It's almost 2015.

Wait. What?

Where did the year go?

Wasn't it just like....2012?


Okay, so Christmas is my favorite holiday. Thanksgiving is probably my second favorite. But New Year's Eve/Day is definitely third.

I like the beginning of the year for the same reason I like sunrises (and actually, Mondays): it symbolizes a fresh start. As soon as the clock strikes 12 and it becomes a new year, it's almost like everything that happened the year before just goes away. Obviously, it doesn't, but I'm speaking poetically here.

It motivates me. This year I ordered PowerSheets from Lara Casey and they are amazing! It felt really good to actually sit down and write at my goals and think through steps I can take toward accomplishing them this year. I'm so pumped for 2015.

9. My favorite scene from 27 Dresses just started.

B-B-B-Benny and the jets.

If you have never seen this movie're welcome.

10. I got a new cat.

Some friends of ours were looking for a new home for him so we gladly took him off their hands. His name is Ruxon and now I'm one step closer to becoming the crazy cat lady to which I aspire.

11. I made my first wedding cake!

My good friends Mary and James tied the knot on November 2nd and I had the honor of making the cake for them! I had a lot of fun making it and learned a few things along the way.

Example: Lining the bottom of your cake pan with parchment paper will not help the cake come out easier. Instead, it will bake into the middle of the cake, forcing you to perform surgery to remove said paper while simultaneously causing a lot of unnecessary anxiety.

Don't line the bottom of your cake pans with parchment paper, y'all.

12. I don't actually have anything else to say but the OCD person in me said I should end on an even number.

Anyway, one of my goals this year really is to get back into blogging. Really.

I will be back Wednesday with a 2014 recap post and then sometime the first week of January to talk about like, actual stuff that people care about. I just needed to prove that I didn't drop off the face of the earth first.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving/Christmas/12 weeks!

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