Friday, July 11, 2014

High Five for Friday: And She's Back!

Guess what, y'all? I'm back!

I took the week off, which was totally unplanned but kind of nice. 

Since I've been gone for awhile, today's High Five is a special two week edition! But still with only five things. Because the last two weeks weren't all that eventful.

So here goes!

1. I guess I never showed you guys a picture of the finished cupcakes I made a couple weekends ago. Here you go:

Top left: Snickerdoodle; top right: chocolate & peanut butter; bottom left: chocolate & Nutella; bottom right: vanilla.

2. I celebrated 4th of July in the best way possible: with lots of friends, Apples to Apples, and fireworks.

Wearing my 4th of July shirt. Seriously. I wear it every year. Also, don't judge me for my selfie.

3. The day after July 4th, two good friends of mine got married. Another one (two) bites the dust...

We take this exact same picture at every wedding we go to.

4. This week is especially great because I have some family in town. That means lots of fun family dinners! (One of my favorite things).

5. And because I can't think of anything better to put here, I am rewatching Veronica Mars, which for those of you who don't know is one of my favorite TV shows. If you haven't seen this show, you must.

How was your week? Don't forget to link up here.

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  1. The cupcakes look amazing. And taking some time off is always a good thing.