Friday, June 20, 2014

High Five for Friday: Cupcakes...But What Else Is New?

Okay, so I may have lied last week when I talked about the big things I had planned for the blog this week. I actually meant next week. (For real this time.)

This week I started a new work schedule, so instead of working Monday/Wednesday/Friday, I work Monday - Wednesday and have a four day weekend. I am not at all opposed to this.

Most of the week, I've been busy working and trying to get my car fixed. I have been having some car troubles, and Friday after work my battery was completely dead. I had to have a friend of mine take me to get a new one so I could get home. But, now that I have a new battery AND a new alternator, I shouldn't be having anymore issues (hopefully).

Needless to say, my car issues are not making my high five for the week. Thankfully, plenty of other good things happened to make up for it.

1. My best friend turned 20 on Saturday! I had to work on Saturday, but I went over to her house in the evening to give her her presents. I walked in just in time to watch baby videos! As part of her present, I made her these strawberry cupcakes with this cream cheese frosting. (Spoiler alert: One of the big things coming to the blog next week is a tutorial for these rose cupcakes!)

2. We celebrated Father's Day by going to one of my favorite steakhouses.

3. I bought this book. And read it in two days. If you have any interest at all in makeup, skin care, hair care, or just overall health and well-being, I highly recommend this book.

4. I'm currently obsessed with salads, and I got to eat two delicious ones this week. With grilled chicken. Yum.

5. While we were getting my car fixed yesterday, my dad and I went to go see Edge of Tomorrow, then we got some lunch...and then we got frozen yogurt because my car still wasn't ready yet, haha.

I am really enjoying my first four day weekend! Though I'm sure I'll be bored in no time. I'll just have to take up a new hobby.

What was your favorite part of this week? 

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