Friday, May 9, 2014

High Eight for Friday.

Y'all. This week was crazy.

Mostly in a good way. But because of that, I can't choose just 5 things to tell you about. I have to tell you about them all. So let's get started.

1. Friday after work I treated myself to a cookie in celebration of the weekend.

I may or may not have also gotten a brownie.

2. Friday evening I went to a play that several of my friends are in. It was an original play and they all did great! The play was about camping, so the concessions reflected that (read: hot dogs and s'mores). They even had cups of dirt! I had to get one. These things were the joy of my childhood.

3. Last Saturday night, I went to a bunko party. Have you ever played bunko? It's so much fun. I didn't win anything, but I had a great time and got to meet some new people.

4. Sunday evening, I went to an event my church does every year called the Mahalo Luau, where we say thank you to everyone for serving the past year. Everyone dresses up in their best Hawaiian attire and comes together for pulled pork sandwiches, sno-cones, and chocolate-covered everything for dessert. And I was so busy having fun, I totally forgot to take any pictures. :(

5. Nothing really exciting happened on Monday, so I'll fast forward to Tuesday. I finally got a much needed pedicure! I forgot to get one last week when I got my nails done. Also, I didn't originally pick out the nail polish color I ended up with, but the lady doing my nails dropped the one I had picked out first and it broke. Has that ever happened to anyone before? I thought it was kind of funny, haha.

6. Also on Tuesday, a stray dog had puppies on our front porch! There were 9 and they look NOTHING like the mom. We found a nice animal rescue home for them to go to. Now prepare for lots of pictures, because puppies.

L-R: The litter of 9 puppies; me with the runt; trying to nurse the runt; the mom looks nothing like the puppies.

 7. And this was my dinner on Tuesday:

Cinnamon roll brioche French toast from IHOP. YUM.

8. Yesterday I spent some time with friends celebrating the end of finals and the official start of summer! It's officially summer. Kind of. Close enough. :-)

Other things that happened this week that didn't make the list but are worthy of noting:
  • My laptop still doesn't work because even the people at the Apple Store don't know what's wrong with it. They recommended replacing my entire hard drive which I think is unnecessary, so I'm looking for a second opinion.
  • I dropped my phone in the toilet on Sunday (oops) but it still works totally normal. For once technology is on my side.
  • I went to Bath & Body Works with a couple of friends and stalked up on lotion in summery scents. Because IT'S SUMMER.
  • It POURED rain yesterday. It was great.
  • Wednesday at work was one of those days where everything that could possibly go wrong did. You know? Thankfully, it all worked out and everything got completed that needed to.
Are you jealous of my week? I'm jealous of my week, and I lived it. I wish every week could be like this.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Don't forget to link up!


  1. Puppies!!!! They are so cute and look NOTHING like the mother! I mean NOTHING. lol I'm glad you had a great week :)

    I'd love for you to come visit and maybe even sign up for my favorite color swap!


    1. I know, it's crazy right? Makes me think the dad is like a dalmatian or something, haha.

      I was looking at that color swap and it sounds SO fun! I will probably be signing up. Thanks for inviting me to join in!