Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Birchbox vs. Ipsy: May.

First of all, SO SORRY for not posting on Monday. I was uninspired so I took the day off. I'll be back in action next week.

But, as promised, today is Wednesday so here is my May Birchbox vs. Ipsy review!

If you're new to the idea of Birchbox and/or Ipsy, click here to read my April reviews and learn more about the two services.

Overall, I was pretty disappointed in both my packages this month. As I mentioned last month, my favorite products to receive are makeup products, and this month I only got two. Total. Out of ten. And one of them was a terrible color on me. But I still had fun trying out the different products, so here are my reviews!


 Confession: I actually only tried two of the products in my Birchbox this month, so some of these reviews are not based on the quality of the product but the type of product.

1. LAQA & Co. Sheer Lip Lube Pencil: The color I got was a very orangey coral, which is not a good color on me. I look better in pinkier shades, so I won't be wearing this that much. However, I do really like this product. It goes on smooth and is long-lasting, and you can build up to the intensity of color you want.

2-3. Beauty Protector Protect & Shampoo/Condition: I did not try these two products on my hair. I did, however, use them to clean my makeup brushes. It worked well for that. If you remember, I got a shampoo in my Birchbox last month as well and I hope I never get one again. I'm in love with Wen and have no desire to try a new shampoo/conditioner. I have tried other Beauty Protector products before, however, and I like them, so I'm sure these products are effective.

4. Supergoop Everyday Sunscreen: I got sunscreen in both my packages this month. I guess because it's almost summer? Anyway, I haven't tried this yet because I haven't needed sunscreen. Honestly? Sunscreen is just sunscreen to me. I doubt this will blow me out of the water, but we'll see.

5. 32 Oral Care Effervescent Breath Crystals in spearmint and lemon mint: I have only tried the spearmint because lemon mint sounds gross. I like the idea of these -- like breath-freshening PopRocks -- but I think they were poorly executed. They are messy to eat and the spearmint left a bad taste in my mouth. Not a fan.

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1. Fresh Picks Glam Bag: Favorite bag to date. This definitely makes up for last months bag. The material is sort of a faux linen which I love, and how cute is the leaf design? I'm obsessed.

2. Pur~lisse Pur~moist Hydra Balance Moisturizer: This to me was just another moisturizer. I normally use CeraVe which was recommended to me by my dermatologist, and this didn't do anything different for me.

3. Hang Ten Classic Sport SPF 50: See above review for Supergoop. I haven't tried this one either, but I feel the same way about it as the other one.

4. Pacifica Mineral Eyeshadow Duo in moonbeam & unicorn: This was my favorite product this month. I wasn't sure about the colors at first (a smokey purple and white) because I typically stick with more neutral browns, but this duo really made my eyes pop. And it reminded me how much I love playing around with makeup. This palette is my new go-to makeup item.

5. Balanced Guru No Frizz Organic Sesame and Lemongrass Balancing Oil: I've used this product twice so far. The first time was by itself to see if it did what it said it does (reduce frizz). It did, BUT it also left my hair limp and lifeless, much coarser than usual and it tangled really easily. The second time I used it, I paired it with a leave-in conditioner to counteract the negative effects of it and it totally worked. My hair is soft, untangled and frizz-free. And awesome.

6. Hey Honey Take it Off! Exfoliating Honey Peel-Off Mask: Okay, maybe I just didn't put a thick enough layer of this on, but I had the hardest time peeling it off. I ended up just washing it off. And my skin didn't feel any different. So overall, not my favorite product.

To sign up for Ipsy, click here (I get a credit if you use my link).

If I had to choose a winner, it would be Ipsy solely because of the eyeshadow. But really, I miss my makeup products! They better send me ALL makeup products next month to make up for this.

Do you subscribe to a beauty subscription service? What did you think of your package this month?

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