Monday, April 21, 2014

Lessons Learned From...Daisies.

Happy Monday everyone! Today I'm introducing a new series I'll be doing every Monday called "Lessons Learned From..."

The purpose of this series is to find beauty and meaning in the simple things -- something I enjoy and often do. It can be anything from a tangible object to a recent opportunity. Whenever I take the time to appreciate the things around me, it shifts my perspective and puts me into a positive mindset. I'm excited to be starting each week off this way, and I hope that you are encouraged by it, too.

Today's lesson comes from my favorite flower: a daisy.

I have only one reason for loving daisies so much: they are the happiest flower. I can't help but smile when I look at a daisy. I am pretty sure the word "daisy" is Latin for "sheer joy."*

*It's not. But I think it should be.

I don't think daisies are the prettiest flower. They are definitely not ugly, but when compared to peonies, roses, or tulips, they just seem really plain and simple.

And they are. A daisy is the first flower we learn how to draw. One circular center and some petals surrounding it. Easy. Simple.

I can name 100 flowers that I think are prettier than daisies. But I can't name one that's happier.

And that's why I love daisies. Despite being so simple, they're happy. They don't need to be the prettiest flower. They're content just the way they are.

This week, I want to be more like daisies, radiating happiness despite the fact that I'm just a simple human being.

What does your favorite flower mean to you?

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  1. White Lilies. Elegant, beautiful, fragile. Yet they stand tall, daring the world, unafraid of the harm that will inevitably befall it. Brave, fearless, tall, beautiful.
    But my actual favorite for looks is a blue hibiscus.