Thursday, July 9, 2015

Life Update: Season of Change!

I'm baaaaaaackkkk!!!!

I've been meaning to write a post for some time now and even though I've had virtually nothing going on the past month (since I'm a teacher and it's SUMMER hallelujah), I was apparently more burned out from my first year teaching than I realized and I've barely been able to pull myself off the couch this summer. But, alas, the blog must be tended here I am!

And boy, do I have a lot to say!

A LOT has happened since I last posted. It's been a crazy 6 months.

First things first, I know you're all wondering if I survived my first year teaching!

I did not.

Haha, just kidding. Well, kind of. I did survive, but barely. (Like I said, I'm still recovering.)

Anyway, that brings me to my first big announcement.

In my last post (6 months ago), I mentioned how God provided some clarity for me about what I was doing with my life. That night, I really felt like God was telling me that where I was currently at was not where I was supposed to stay. I made the (almost positive) decision that night to not return to my job next year.

After that became official, I started thinking hard about what I wanted to do next year. I knew I wanted to leave public school, but I wasn't totally sold on private school either. I considered tutoring, but wasn't really sure about the best way to get into that business. Ultimately, I decided to return to my roots and search for a private school. 

Then I went through a panicky stage where I was like, seriously, what have I done. Second year in a row I've quit my job with nothing to go to. Do I even want to be a teacher? I'm not so sure anymore. Maybe I'll open a bakery. Maybe I'll just babysit forever. Maybe I'll be homeless. Help.

And then one day looking for jobs I randomly came across a tiny little private Christian school I'd never heard of looking for an upper elementary math and science teacher. Math and science isn't really my thing, but hey, what can it hurt? So I sent in my resume and within an hour got a call. And this school sounded so perfect for me. And I had an interview the next day, and signed my contract two days after that. 

Oh, AND they also had a 3rd grade self-contained position open, too, so I asked for that job instead, because it's perfect.

So that brings me to the first of my big changes...I'm starting a brand new job! And I'm super excited about it. Also a little nervous because it's new, but I think this is really going to be a good fit for me. 

Now, onto the next big change!

I'm moving out!

Yeah, I never thought I'd leave my parents' house either.

But then almost as fast as I got that new job, the plans for me and 4 other girls to move into a PERFECT house came together so, yeah, that's happening.

I'm slightly stressed out because moving day is like right when school is starting for me, so it's a lot of big changes happening at once. And I really have a hard time adjusting to change. I'm sure I'll spend most of the latter half of August crying and freaking out because of WAY too much stuff going on but overall, I know these are really good changes, so I'm excited to see it all come together.

And that brings me to the last big change that's been happening in my life! It's also my favorite.

This handsome man next to me is Aaron, and on March 5th, 2015 he asked me to be his girlfriend. :) We've been together 4 months now and couldn't be happier!

 So anyway, that's what's been going on in my life lately! God has been really faithful to me the last several months and I know He will only continue to prove more faithful. I have several new posts in the works that I hope to post soon, so keep an eye out for those. 

What have you been up to lately? How is God working in your life?

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